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Fuel Management and Handling 

Fuel Preparation and Processing

The following devices have proven track records in delivering solid fuel savings and providing exceptional engine protection.


Conhira Omega Fire (Fuel Oil Homogeniser)

This is one of the best-selling products with well over 600 units have already been sold.  With its user-friendly design and robust construction, the Omega Fire has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse in effectively reducing harmful sludge and improving combustion.  A popular place of installation is before a centrifugal purifier between a settling tank and a service tank to assist the purifier and reduce its maintenance costs.  After a fuel supply pump, before where a fuel return line merges with a fuel supply line, is another favorite place among those intend to improve combustion for better fuel economy.  For this application, installing the NAG fine filter, which removes small contaminants very thoroughly, is highly recommended to provide added protection against catalyst fines and other abrasive particles.



Sumimoto Floating High Suction (Fuel Tank Screen)
Even after gravity separation and centrifugal separation, there is always a considerable amount of contaminants left in the fuel either being suspended or precipitating towards the bottom of a service tank.  This is the last line of defense against harmful contaminants.  The equipment is designed to keep them out of an engine by skimming the least contaminated fuel using a stainless float with a small opening just beneath the surface and sending it through a flexible duct made of PTFE filter to a collecting bowl which is connected to the service tank’s outlet port.  It is essentially maintenance free and custom made to fit each tank.  So far, more than 100 units have been sold.  And the fact that some of those have been installed in test facilities of reputable engine builders is a testimony to its simple yet effective concept.


FENIC Alpha (Fuel Reformer)

This revolutionary product works wonders with distillate fuels, such as MGO (DMX/DMA) and MDO (DMZ/DMB), and, to some extent, light residual fuels like RMA and RMB.  Because the device uses extremely low levels of ionizing radiation released from a specially formulated ceramic material to break chemical bonds of hydrocarbons to improve combustion, no external energy source is required.  The material's concentrated radioactivity is about 40% of the international limit for low-level radioactive waste, which is disposable without any processing or conditioning, and therefore completely safe.  Although actual fuel savings vary depending on any number of variables, including fuel type, weather, and operating profile, the data collected from end users suggest the fuel savings in a range of respectable 3 to 5%.  

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