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Ballast Water Management

Retrofit Pre-engineering

This is probably the most critical stage in the entire retrofit project.  A successful execution of this process with an experienced partner is essential for a smooth, timely installation, and avoiding a series of costly and time-consuming last-minute corrections.


Preliminary Study and System Selection - (Appx 1 to 2 weeks)

As each vessel's case is very unique, not only in terms of engineering limitations but also operational requirements, we must collect all the relevant information on the subject vessel and candidate technologies in order to select the most suitable system technically as well as commercially. After receiving all the information, please allow us appx 1 week to prepare a brief consisting of system recommendations, installation layout (by hand not in CAD), load analysis, and so on. We have a check list to go over all the necessary information.  Please contact us for your free copy.



Onboard Survey and Installation Design in 3D CAD - (Appx 5 to 6 weeks)

Afrer the preliminary study, we can schedule a site visit. Because ships are not usually built exactly according to drawings, even sister ships built in series, and often go through changes and modifications, we conduct a very thorough survey with a 3D laser scanner supplemented by more conventional measuring and recording devices. The survey usually takes appx 5 hours with a team of two to three engineers. If the subject vessel is very large, we arrange two teams. To process all the data and information collected onboard, and create an accurate installation design in 3D CAD, please allow us appx 5 to 6 weeks after the site visit.



Detailed Design and Production Drawings - (Appx 3 to 4 weeks)

For customers with limited access to 3D ship design software, we can produce detail design and production drawings of pipes, fittings, foundations, and etc., also in 2D CAD from the 3D CAD installation plan. Since our 3D design is carefully tested and proven for collision and necessary clearance between all objects, large items with long delivery time can be fabricated using these drawings to save both time and cost of installation significantly.  Though it varies from project to project, please allow us appx 3 to 4 weeks for the detail design and production drawings of major fabricated items in 2D CAD.  As an oprtional service, we also prepare production drawings of minor items upon request.



Class Submittal Package - (Appx 1 to 2 weeks)

Putting together a submittal package for class approval can be a little trouble sometimes, so we go a step further to provide whatever assistance customers may need from putting together a simple set of calculation tables or an elaborate shipboard management plan/procedural manual for crew to preparing a complete submittal package. Depending on the extent of requested assistance, please allow us appx 1 to 2 weeks to prepare necessary documents. 

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